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Sunday, November 20, 2005

INCH facts disputed by anonymous Blue Liner

Bench Minor: Somebody forgot to
unlock the clapper of Lake Superior State’s victory bell Saturday, curtailing the Lakers’ traditional post-victory celebration. The Lakers usually run out to the bell just outside of the Norris Center shortly after a win and ring the thing, then come back inside the arena single-file through a tunnel of remaining fans in a tradition that dates to the early 1980s. But after Saturday’s 3-2 win over Miami, the bell was locked and the silence was saddening. We're told that Lakers coach Jim Roque has a copy of the key now, so there shouldn’t be any future problems.

Whoever wrote the article did not have all of the accurate facts. There is NO KEY or any copy of a key given to Jim that will unlock the clapper. It's a combination lock...duh! So, what's the winning combination? Is the university working over Roque again or has INCH simply not done the required research?

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