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Thursday, August 13, 2009

11 Teams is better than 12?

Huntsville get screwed by the CCHA not admitting them. 9 out of the 11 teams in the CCHA had to vote yes for Huntsville to be admitted. But why would UM, MSU, ND, and Ohio State want to travel to AL, when the Chargers are not going to bring a positive draw into their buildings? Does this tell us something about the true health of BGSU? I don’t want to speculate on their health, but why would you rather have an 11 team league instead of a 12 team league? The 11 team league is going to force the CCHA to alter their playoff format. I believe that the current financial crisis facing several schools and programs in the CCHA have put them in the situation where they are not looking for a school to replace UNO, they were probably happy to see UNO defect to the WCHA to reduce travel costs.

Although Danton Cole didn't put up good numbers at UAH the past two seasons, should the team fold in Huntsville, I would expect to see him at the top of anyone's list of candidates for any coaching openings that turn up in the CCHA following the 2009-10 season.

In other LSSU related news former Laker head coach Frank Anzalone has been named head coach of the expansion franchise Quad City Mallards of the IHL.

Comments on "11 Teams is better than 12?"


Blogger Michael David said ... (6:44 AM) : 

I agree Joel. The CCHA teams should asking UAH to enter, not denying them. They are a classy school who I think would eventually be a very competetive team in this league.


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