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Sunday, October 01, 2006

White’s Win

Yesterday was actually my first experience with LSSU’s Blue-White game. In the years that I was actually a student at LSSU my Blue-White experience can be summed up by saying, “Oh that game was yesterday.” This brings me to my first complaint on the weekend; it was an awesome experience for a Laker hockey fan, why does the school do nothing to promote this game? Why not print out a ticket to the game and put it in each season ticket holder’s package?

The blue team handled the white team pretty well in the first couple of minute’s of the game, until Trent Campbell opened he flood gates, 4:07 into the first, by pushing a shot five hole by Freshman Mitch Edmondson.

Freshman Nathan Perkovich showed his speed by putting one over Edmondson’s left shoulder after getting around the defense on the right wing just over 30 seconds later (4:53 of the first). Perkovich (8:30) and Dominic Osman (17:12) each added one more in the first period to give the Whites a 4-0 lead going into the dressing room.

Trent Campbell came out early in the second 24 minute half putting two behind Laker Starter, and Blue Team backup Jeff Jakaitis in the first 2 minutes (1:03 & 1:43) of the half. Troy Schwab, took advantage of a cold Jakaitis, by adding a power play goal for the White team at 3:15 of the second to give the White’s a 7-0 lead.

The Blue team rallied late in the second period with Derek R. Smith (10:16) and Carter Lee (14:07) putting in goals to bring the final score to 7-2 Whites.

Freshman goalie Pat Inglis made 20 saves on 21 shots in 36:22 for the Whites, while Jakaitis gave up 3 goals on 16 shots for the Blue team. Edmondson gave up 4 goals on 11 shots while playing for the Blue team, and 1 goal on 8 shots while backstopping the Whites.

Of the returning players Campbell was hands down the most dominant player on the ice last night, scoring three goals on 5 shots, while developing quality scoring chances. The poor performance from Jakaitis was also a development that may be further played later in the season; Jakaitis may be pressed this season by the imposing 6-4 Inglis, who played quite well, for playing time.

Petrovich’s scoring touch as well as his size (6-5, 197) and skating ability had the crowd at the Norris Center buzzing all night long. Other new comers that impressed during the game where Forwards Matt Martello and Michael George, as well as the 6-4 defenseman Simon Gysbers. Carter Lee, the transfer from Northeastern University, showed the promise that followed him from his New England Prep School days; we will have to wait another year to see what transpires with him though.

My second complaint has to do with the LSSU Campus Shoppe, I was disappointed to find out that it closes at 4:00 PM on Fridays and is not open at all on Saturdays. This means that Laker fans and Alumni that travel up to the Soo for a weekend series, or potential students on campus for a weekend tour; are unable to purchase a souvenir. I do realize that there is a shop open at the Norris Center during games, but this selection is far less that what is available at the Campus Shoppe.

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