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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Question and answer with LSSU head coach Jim Roque

Special thanks to Lake Superior State University’s Hockey Head Coach for taking the time to complete the Q & A with LSSU
What where your general impressions on your first season as a head

Roque: The graduating seniors did a great job of allowing me to grow and never put me in any tough or bad situations. What is the one thing that you learned this season about being a head coach that surprised you the most?

Roque: If the players feel you care about them, they will do anything you ask of them. Of the 12 seniors you lost this past spring who will the team miss most, and why?

Roque: Colin Nicholson, unsung hero and quiet leader. He made a lot of clutch little plays. Trent Campbell and Troy Schwab really had breakout seasons last year who do you expect to have a breakout season next season?

Roque: Jeff Rainville, Derek A. Smith, Josh Sim How disappointing was the last month of the season, and do you think the scheduling affected your team's performance in the playoffs?

Roque: Very disappointing. I don't blame the schedule. I needed to give Jeff a night off but didn't. I also think that is the next step for the program to take - winning in late February and March What or who should Laker fans be most excited about for next season?

Roque: I feel our skill level and skating will be better again next season. It will allow us to play up-tempo. What do the Lakers need to do to get past their current playoff slump, 1-18 in their last 19 games?

Roque: Keep knocking on the door. It will open eventually. LSSU was 9-3-0 against sub .500 teams but where 6-9-7 against teams that where greater than .500, how do you take the next step up?

Roque: Again, we need to keep improving and play better down the stretch. What are some of your thoughts on the roster you have assembled for next season?

Roque: Better skill, better skating, not as big, leadership needs to surface right away. What should Laker fans expect to see from the incoming recruits?

Roque: Patrick Inglis-Big goalie, athletic, will play some games

Roque: Patrick Aubry- A lot like Colin Nicholson

Roque: Mitch Edmondson - Raw, needs time to grow

Roque: Jason Blain - Leadership, hard worker, honest player

Roque: Matt Martello- Excellent skill - good offensive instincts

Roque: Steve Kaunisto-Very good skill, local kid

Roque: Nik Sellers- Good two way player - Jeff Rainville like

Roque: John Scrymgeor -Excellent speed, hard working, aggressive, tenacious

Roque: Simon Gysbers - Pro prospect, good size defenseman, skills

Roque: Nathan Perkovich - New Jersey draft pick, big upside, late bloomer

Roque: Michael George - Saskatchewan kid, Trent Campbell type

Roque: Ryan Baird - Troy Schwab on Defense What should we expect to see with the goaltending situation for next season, do you expect Jakaitis to carry such a heavy load, or should we expect to see Inglis or Edmondson get some playing time this season?

Roque: Pat Inglis will play and help Jeff Jakitis shoulder the load. Mitch will progress towards being a Division 1 goalie. What are the team's goals next season?

Roque: Go to Joe Louis. LSSU looks to have a pretty touch schedule this season, being in arguably the toughest cluster in the CCHA, what are your impressions of the schedule?

Roque: Hard to say, teams change all the time. Chemistry, players turning pro, but you are right. We are in a tough cluster. Bemidji State isn't on the schedule this season, after we where told to expect last season to expect this old rivalry to be rekindled, what happened?

Roque: We are skipping one year and will be playing them in 07-08. We just could not find a weekend we both had open and we wanted to go the Badger Classic. Any personal thoughts on traveling back to Clarkson this season?

Roque: We were supposed to play them this season but again we could not match up off weekends. Nothing personal. The home and Joe series, with the University of Michigan, this year is a Friday-Sunday match up, is there a reason for the change in days from the normal Thursday-Saturday?

Roque: We have GLIAC basketball on Thursday this year at home and we did not want our fans to have to choose. We have several alumni that watch junior hockey games regularly, is
there anything that they can do to assist you in your recruiting efforts?

Roque: As alums, you must be careful because of NCAA rules. All you can do is send us names of good players. Any chance you can get Doug Weight to bring the Stanley Cup to the Taffy Abel Arena for a game?

Roque: They only get the cup for one day in the summer and Doug will dedicate his day to his father.

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